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Who we are

Who we are - Vinlit Property Search

Vinlit is the premier destination for London property expertise, offering a high level of service and in-depth knowledge that meets the individual needs of those seeking to buy or rent London properties with a difference.

Our process


Vinlit connects people from across the globe with the best of London’s residential and commercial property, whether buying or renting.

From the very beginning of the buying process, through to completion, working with Vinlit is an elevated experience. We pride ourselves on a deep understanding of a client’s culture and specific property requirements, as well as efficiency and that all-important personal touch. What’s more, when it comes to property acquisition, we’re expert in the art of negotiation, too.

Detail driven, practical and passionate about property, the company’s founder Alina Litvinova embodies the Vinlit ethos.

Alina has extensive market knowledge and personal experience of valuing, selling and buying high-end London property, known for her laser focus and steely determination when overseeing every aspect of the property search, buying and relocation process. Having worked and travelled internationally, she also offers valuable insight for overseas clients and those relocating to London.

“Vinlit has a deep understanding of where its clients are coming from, and exactly what they desire from a property.”